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Local events for important money conversations

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What You Can Expect...

Super-casual networking where you will meet…

Bloggers | Podcasters
Authors | Speakers
Media Professionals
Financial Industry Reps

Drinks and snacks included!

Short, TED-style talks from a diverse selection of experts…

Brief talks focus on inspiring action in your audience. Attendees leave armed with new knowledge and skills for connecting and making an impact.

A unique group activity…

All attendees have important experiences and insight to share. Our unique format gives everyone a chance to have their voices heard.

Interesting and important topics…

We take on modern issues as they intersect with personal finance from diverse perspectives.

Previous Events

New York City 2018

Local Partner: Aragon Investing

Los Angeles 2019

Local Partner: Dabble Media

Denver 2019

Local Partners: National Endowment for Financial Education, Kayla Sloan

New York City 2019

Local Partner: NAV

Detroit 2012

National Partner: Capital Group

Philadelphia 2022

National Partner: Capital Group

Portland 2022

National Partner: Capital Group

New York City 2022

National Partner: Capital Group

Los Angeles 2022

National Partner: Capital Group

West Hartford 2023

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