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Plutus Voices Portland 2022

FIRE on a Low Income

Presented nationally by Capital Group®
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Founder, Women's Personal Finance

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Founder, Dollars and Good Sense

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COO/CIO, Dollars and Good Sense

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Plutus Voices Portland

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

5441 SE Belmont St. /// Portland, OR 97215
Drinks and Snacks

Topic: FIRE on a Low Income

Why we need empathy when talking about financial independence.

Helping all families reach their version of FIRE.

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About Plutus Voices

Plutus Voices is a series of networking and learning events from the financial media and beyond. The series brings attention to speakers and topics that are crucial to success with financial literacy, capability, and empowerment through blogging and podcasting.
Hear from the best community-builders and influencers about inspiring action in their audiences and participate in an inspiring group discussion in which all participants shares their unique insight.
While Plutus Voices includes short talks from featured speakers, all who attend the event have the opportunity to participate in a special group activity. The evening also includes many opportunities to network with other content creators and members of the financial media and services communities.
Drinks and snacks are included. Plutus Voices is free to attend thanks to our sponsors, but we do encourage a tax-deductible contribution of $25 to ensure we can continue offering Plutus Voices events throughout the country.

About the Speakers

Dr. Regina Moore

Regina Moore, PharmD, is a consultant, advocate, educator, artist, and community-building expert. She’s co-founder of the Plutus award-winning website and community Women’s Personal Finance (WPF) and founder of That Frugal Pharmacist

Regina was already blogging about her journey to financial independence when her son was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. After that, she began a journey in strengthening bonds by crafting community. Regina feels a sense of community is a vital support in meeting financial goals and a missing element in discussing “the why of FI.” 

Regina hit her baseline FI number in 2021, and with an ambition to “live a life of enough,” she retired from pharmacy practice to focus on community building and advocacy. In addition to WPF, she co-founded The Psychedelic Pharmacists Association, where she educates and advocates for safe access to psychedelics.

She’s probably out mushroom hunting with her son when she’s not talking about drugs or money.

Find her being her wonderfully messy, fully human self on Twitter @FrugalPharm.

Debbie Todd

A spunky licensed CPA and financial educator for 23 years, Debbie knows what it feels like to stare poverty in the face as a young wife and mother – and win – by choosing a different path.  She started a boutique tax and business strategy firm in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, after leaving an exciting 17-year career in accounting, public finance, treasury and municipal debt in 2013. 

Beside tax and consulting, her passion is helping hurting families age 3 to 103 have fun getting smart with “all things money” so they can live their best life and achieve their dreams through Dollars and Good Sense Foundation, a registered 501c3 international educational charity. 

Dollars and Good Sense – Family Fun Money Games™ includes a dynamic interactive money theater program for kids, an engaging and results oriented adult curriculum  as well as our exciting new partnership with a robust, experiential web and app-based teen / college curriculum team!

Our foundation’s mission is to transform the lives of 5 million families within 5 years – globally!

Larry Frazier

Larry Frazier is an internationally recognized IT, logistics and training expert, with over two decades of business and training experience with tech enterprise giant Oracle. 

Right out of high school, he began his love of technology during his service to our country in the United States Air Force.  Holding a BS in computer science as well as being Six Sigma certified, Larry knows how to maximize learning – whether in the classroom or in the field – anywhere in the world. 

Larry’s professional expertise with technology, his passion for numbers and logistics and his “honest school of real life” teaching style allows him to bring a uniquely fresh, understandable and action-focused experience to helping families gain practical skills with their money – for LIFE!

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